Concierge and Caretaking - List of Services

Property Check

With our Basic Property Check service, we'll examine the exterior of your home, then inspect the interior, checking all windows, entry doors, appliances, plumbing fixtures and utility components. We’ll run the water in the sinks, toilets and showers to keep the traps full. We'll remove publications and other items that make your home look vacant. You will be notified immediately of any problems or issues, otherwise we'll send you a report of exact times of inspections and the condition of the property at those times. One-year or 6-month contract includes a semi-monthly site visit for the duration of the contract. Additionally, we'll check up on your home after major storms and power outages.

Property Check Plus includes all Basic Property Check activities, plus, we'll walk your entire property, examine all exterior features and outbuildings, look for evidence of normal irrigation system operation and verify pool water levels.

With our Income Property Check for occupied homes, we drive by your rental property to make a visual check on its condition (trees trimmed, vehicles parked in appropriate places, lawn cared for, trash/recycle bins put away.) You will be notified immediately of any problems or issues, otherwise we'll send you a report of exact times of inspections and the condition of the property at those times. We'll even send you pictures! Additionally, we'll check up on your home after major storms and power outages.


These services are provided just prior to your arrival, and include opening window coverings, turning on lights, clearing sidewalks and patios of debris, setting out patio furniture (in season) and setting temperature controls for furnaces, a/c units, water heater and spa. Countertops, ledges and other surfaces will be dusted. You may also wish to have fresh flowers, groceries or even a restaurant meal delivered before you or your guests arrive! Why spend the first day of your golf weekend or family vacation stocking up. 


After you leave, we'll walk through and remove expired perishable food and beverages, collect any items you need sent to you, reset temperature controls, and set out and retrieve trash and recycle bins. You might even want us to wash the sheets and make the beds in preparation for your next visit. Our basic housekeeping includes floors and countertops, tub/shower, sinks, bathroom mirrors, and toilets.

Entertainment/Recreation Reservations

We'll obtain tickets for entertainment, recreation or sporting events ... or tickets to concerts and plays, even dinner reservations. Due to conditions beyond our control, specific events or tickets are subject to availability and are non-refundable. 

Design/Decorate/Furnish Services

We’ll consult and advise on functional yet individual design themes, decorations, lighting and furniture. We can facilitate your outfitting your new home, decorating, or even remodelling.

Grocery and Gift Basket Services 

CanAm Concierge will shop, deliver and stock your fridge, cabinets and wine rack, or order a special meal.

We can design and provide lovely gift/food baskets for your guests ... or that special someone in your life.

Maintenance and Repair

CanAm Services LLC is a licenced residential home improvement contractor. Most basic maintenance and repairs can be handled by us. When required, we can provide referrals to reliable, reputable service providers for major landscaping, electrial, plumbing, painting, roofing, carpet cleaning, etc.

Alarm Call-Out

Let CanAm Services be your contact for alarm calls! We'll be your eyes and ears, and keep you informed.

Wait Service

Wait for the cable or utility company, take deliveries or watch over repair or maintenance workers. 

Video Inventory

CanAm Services will accompany you on a tour of your home, filming your home and its contents, while you narrate, or if you prefer, we can do it while you're away, and without narration. We'll give you a copy in DVD format, and keep one on file for you. This is a great way to create an inventory of your personal property and is recommended by homeowners insurance companies!

Documented Property Report

Should it be necessary, CanAm will, at your request, provide a property condition/status report documented with digital photos.

Custom Requests

We provide custom services too! If you want flowers planted and watered, your Arizona vehicle serviced, or ...  you name it - if it's possible, legal and moral, we'll do our best to accommodate custom requests.

Gift Certificates

Why not give a gift certificate to somebody special? Your real estate client who just purchased that nice vacation home, or maybe a friend or relative who might appreciate some errand running or a few weeks of our Home Check service! A great gift, available in hourly or monetary denominations.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer the services needed and wanted by value-conscious vacation-home owners.  We understand the challenges of owning and managing a vacation or rental home far away from your permanent residence.

•     Concern about condition of your property and its contents
•     Documenting your personal property and improvements
•     Wondering if there's been vandalism or weather-related damage or spoilage
•     Finding reputable service providers
•     Housecleaning, trash removal, landscaping needs
•     Property 'looks vacant' with accumulated publications and debris on porch or driveway
•     Are your renters taking care of the place?

Please review our services,
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