Schedule of Services

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Service Monthly
(12 mo contract)
Semi Monthly
(12 mo contract)

Property Check



Property Check Plus $95/inspection $80/inspection $239/month
Income Property Check
na na **On Request** $45/inspection
Travel Surcharge
calculated on services outside a 15 mile radius from NE Gilbert
(Power and Baseline Roads)
$1.00/mile $1.00/mile $1.00/mile


Concierge Services


Pre-Arrival Service $55
Post - Departure Service $45 (for first hour; $35/hr each additional man-hour)
$50/hr (billed in 15 min increments); no surcharge on tickets; delivery charges may apply
Design/Decorate/Furnish Service $45/hr
Groceries (shop and delivery) $35/hr (cost plus 15% on products)
Gift Baskets $45/hr (shopping and assembly);
(cost plus 15% on products/baskets/supplies)
Light Maintenance/Repair $45/hr (plus materials)
Referrals to Outside Service Providers No Charge
Property Maintence Supervision - Non Rental Sub-contractor costs plus 15%
Alarm Call-out $75 per call (plus $35/hr after first hour)
Wait Service (minimum 1 hr) $45 (first hour); $35/hr each additional hour
Video Inventory $95.00
Documented Property Report $55/hr (includes written summary and digital photos)
*Note: travel surcharge may apply to any services outside our 15 mile radius. Pro-rated whenever possible by combining with other clients in the same area.  
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